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Aircooled Drag Racing Forum

Drag Racing

Aircooled Drag Racing Forum
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Top 10

Top 10 Performance Runs - Only the quickest!
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Pro Gas

Pro Gas Drag Racing Forum
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NHRA Super Stock

NHRA Super Stock Drag Racing Forum
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Female Drag Racing

"Powder Puff" Ladies Drag Racing Forum
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Land Speed Performance

Bonneville land speed talk
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Vintage Drag Racing

Vintage Aircooled Drag Racing Forum
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Race Car Projects

Race Car Project Forum - Share your race car projects from beginning to end!
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Drag Racing Videos - Share your favorite drag racing videos!
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Golf Carts

Golf carts are everywhere at the races!
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Aircooled Street Car Forum

Street Cars

Performance Street Cars and Daily Drivers
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Unlimited Street

Unlimited Street - For the quickest and fastest street legal aircooled cars
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Street Car Projects

Street Car Project Forum - Share your street car projects from beginning to end!
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Car Clubs

Car Clubs - Your place to share news, updates, events, meetups
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Aircooled VW Type 2 Bus Forum

VW Bus

Volkswagen Type 2 Bus - Vintage, Street, Daily Drivers, Oddballs
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VW Bus Racing

Volkswagen Type 2 Bus Drag Racing
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VW Bus Projects

Volkswagen Type 2 Bus Projects - Share your VW bus projects from beginning to end!
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Mechanical and Technical


Engines - Rebuilds, Pistons, Crankshafts, Oil Systems, Cooling, Exhausts
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Turbochargers - Turbo Systems, Boost Pressure, Compressors
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NOS - Nitrous Systems, Plumbing, Hardware, Bottles, Injection Nozzles, Controllers, Purge Valves
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Transaxle - Transmission, Clutch Sets, Flexplates, Flywheels, Differentials, Driveshafts, Axels
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Fuel Delivery

EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection, Injectors, Manifolds, Fuel Rails, Intakes
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Suspension, Chassis, Sway Bars, Shocks, Struts, Springs, Lowering Kits, Lift Kits
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Wheels and Tires

Wheels, Tires, Brakes, Rotors, Calipers, Master Cylinders
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Bodywork and Interior

Body Repair, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Painting, Racing Seats, Dashboard, Interior
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Electrical Systems, Ignitions, Starters Distributors, Wiring, Batteries
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Tools, Shop Equipment, Fabrication, Speciality Tools, Problem Solvers
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Safety Equipment, Helmets, Driving Suits, Seat Belts, Harness Kits, Window Nets, Fire Systems
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General mechanical and technical help
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Ultimate Aircooled Forum

Car Talk

General Car News, Articles, Topics, Discussions
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Off Road

Off-Road, 4x4, Rock Crawlers, Sand, Dirt - Topics and Discussions
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Reviews about products, services, parts, accessories, places
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Events and Meetups
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Collectables - Diecasts, Model Cars, Toys, Books, Historical Photos, Memorabilia
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Racing Associations


Bugorama Racing Series Forum - Announcements, Events, Results, Questions
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Mid Atlantic Drag Racing Association Forum - Announcements, Events, Results, Questions
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South East VW Association Forum - Announcements, Events, Results, Questions
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National Auto Sport Association Forum - Announcements, Events, Results, Questions
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Mountain States VW Racing Association Forum - Announcements, Events, Results, Questions
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North Coast VW Drag Racing Association Forum - Announcements, Events, Results, Questions
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East Coast Pro Racing Association Forum - Announcements, Events, Results, Questions
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Aircooled Streetcar Association Forum - Announcements, Events, Results, Questions
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Pro Racing Association Forum - Announcements, Events, Results, Questions
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Buy and Sell


Buy, Sell, Trade - Private sales only
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Want To Buy

Tell us what you want to buy
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eBay Auctions

Post your eBay auctions here
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Business products, services, events, specials, sales
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Vendor Deals

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Website News and Announcements
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Community feedback, suggestions, concerns, questions about the website
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  1. Come on out and have a blast!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi, I am looking to find where best I can find the VIN number for an 81 camper, I believe T25. I am looking to register for a birth certificate for a camper for a birthday present. I have found numbers on the original windows but am a novice in knowing what I am looking for. I am also looking...
  3. Race Car Projects
    I have a 1967 vw type 3 sand rail and not getting spark i put new distributor and coil can anyone help
  4. Turbochargers
    Ok from what I always thought was that you sensed boost from the intake manifold (after throttle body). My thoughts on it were if you let off the throttle the pressure on the intake side would drop which would drop the pressure on the top of the wastegate allowing the pressure on the bottom to...
  5. Transaxle
    Hello! I am looking at buying a 76 beetle and it is a automatic and I havent been able to find a 4 speed in my price range so I was trying to figure out how difficult it is or if it is worth it to try to swap it to a 4 speed manual -thanks!
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