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  1. For Sale: Parts for bug and bus made in brazil

    I'm located in Brazil and I do a service of " purchasing and shipping" I buy parts & acessories for vw air colled made in Brazil directly from the main Brazilian marketplaces and ship to overseas charging a little fee for my service. If you need some parts or acessories for your bus (kombi) or...
  2. Let's talk cars

    Car Talk
    WTF has happened to this forum? No one talks cars anymore. It's just a bunch of stupid ****. :mad::furious:
  3. This Bug is absolute eye-catcher!

    Street Cars
    Story and gallery >> Turquoise Bubble: Aussie '68 VW Beetle - :cool:
  4. 1961 Karmann Beetle Convertible

    Street Car Projects
    Currently restoring a 1961 Karmann Beetle Convertible Purchased Condition After exterior respray Currently getting interior done :) Will post photos when interior done