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  1. Single disc clutch options in place of a Black Magic

    Hey everyone, I had a RLR Black Magic disc in my turbo street bug when it last ran, and was very happy with it. I was running it with a Kennedy stage 3 plate and it held around 400 to the wheels. Coming from a puck disc, the engagement and street manners are great. I ran the disk for maybe...
  2. The Black Car for sale!

    Drag Racing
    Sad to see this one on its way out. Ad says its run 8.85 on the bottle! Never saw a word of that on here! Way to go guys! :: VW Classifieds - The Black Car
  3. For Sale: WTB Black Magic disc

    Looking for a used black magic clutch disc. I have only used 4 puck to this point, thinking about changing. Let me know what you have.