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  1. Fast 8 VW Challenge Production Bodied Bugs Through 2013

    Land Speed Performance
    G'day Challengers One of the most asked questions I get is what is the record for a stock bodied Volkswagen Beetle (Bug or Super)regardless of the type of VW engine powering it? Up until last week, the Hicks/Forlano Beetle was thought to be the fastest VW with a top speed of 132.100 miles per...
  2. Fast 8 Production Bodied Ghias (with bumpers)

    Land Speed Performance
    G'day Challengers After receiving the Fast 8 Bugs history the other day Steve Madoski wrote wondering what the Fast 8 Ghia's were. Good question and here is what I found in my research. This is the list of the eight fastest production bodied land speed racing Karmann Ghia's over the past five...