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  1. Fuel Delivery
    I am perplexed as to where to run the supply and return lines for the fuel system. On our pan car I ran the 1/2" aluminum supply under the pan and the same for the return line. I,m thinking this time around we will go with stainless lines. Where are you guys with chassis cars running...
  2. Suspension
    Hello everyone. I have a 1957 bug and I am having a problem with the front end. After replacing the front beam the drivers side sits an inch lower than the passenger side. It is very apparent when looking at the car from the front and is confirmed by measuring the distance from the ground to the...
  3. Drag Racing
    Sad to see this one on its way out. Ad says its run 8.85 on the bottle! Never saw a word of that on here! Way to go guys! :: VW Classifieds - The Black Car
  4. Turbochargers
    I'm currently rebuilding my motor. I have a couple questions about cams. I'm leaning towards an fk44 or 45 on 112lbc. Has anyone had any experience we either of these cams or a web 109? The motor has brothers vw 44 mid d port and 44/37 valves with scat 1.25 rockers that measured out to 1.33...
  5. Street Cars
    The car you drive... just like anything else, it's another form of expression and you chose it - so what does your choice of car say about you?
1-5 of 5 Results