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  1. The Marketplace
    $240 USD
  2. Fuel Delivery
    Hi i am currently running a 1600cc dual port with a Bosch 009, a phatboy muffler, and a Holley bug spray carb with the plentum type intake manifold and need some advice on what size jets to use in it so it won't rush so ritch. Also the electric choke is not working. Thanks, Caleb0101
  3. Engines
    Thinking about using dean kirstens idea of the carb windows with the air filters in the carb windows. Was curious if it will make a difference for me having the decklid propped open as far as air flow and cooling aspects. Someone told me his idea only works because his decklid is closed. Just...
  4. Turbochargers
    I know there are benefits to each, and some threads have touched on this subject already, but I'd like to know overall what you guys think is the easiest setup to tune for the street (including elevation changes of thousands of feet) and make good reliable power with minimal tweaking once the...
1-4 of 4 Results