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  1. Engines
    Good day All, Are flanged crank engines good for daily driving.
  2. Engines
    I have an 82 mm crank from DPR. I have a gene berg flywheel that uses the o ring. Do I need to have my crank machined for the o ring or can I make it work without doing so. I notice on a crank that for the o ring there is a slight chamfer on it and was curious if this would affect the seal, end...
  3. Engines
    good mornin to all,gonna start buying bottom end stuff, is there and cons to using a cb crank with scat h-beams with 3/8 rod bolts. or should i go with either all cb or all scat. i'm partial to using 3/8 bolts other than 5/16. cb rods only come with 5/16.... 2332, steve timms weekend warrior...
1-3 of 3 Results