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  1. Drag Racing
    We are having an all VW Indoor Show and Swap meet on June 28th at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds in Jacksonville, FL. The show car area is going well, but we would like to see some Drag Cars in there as well. If any of you in or around the area can bring yours, that would be great! There is an...
  2. Drag Racing
    Hey guys, which tracks have you drag raced on? Do you have a favorite track?
  3. ECPRA
    Well, after a TON of dyno pulls and a goodly number of passes, it's time for a little freshening before the Drag Night event. Our goal is to get Betty into the 5s, so everything needs to be right. Can't wait...
  4. Race Car Projects
    Well I finally decided after looking and looking for a car to just build the one I have. It's in awful shape but a good candidate for a race car. And free. While looking for a car I either found a super beetle that I don't want or a beetle/ghia in just a little better shape than mine. I hate to...
1-4 of 4 Results