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  1. Fuel Delivery
    I have a cb quicktune setup that is new to me, i am getting ready to wire it up and install the software on my laptop in the next week or two, i have a few questions. Hopefully someone knows or maybe Mark L can intercept this, anyway thanks in advance. 1. i have a mallory 685 hyfire box, msd...
  2. Turbochargers
    I'm currently rebuilding my motor. I have a couple questions about cams. I'm leaning towards an fk44 or 45 on 112lbc. Has anyone had any experience we either of these cams or a web 109? The motor has brothers vw 44 mid d port and 44/37 valves with scat 1.25 rockers that measured out to 1.33...
1-2 of 2 Results