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  1. Electrical
    My 1970 beetle just started making a thumping noise. I thought it was a timing thing so i timed it (hopefully i did it right) and the thumping noise didnt go away. any ideas what it could be or what i should try to fix it?
  2. Engines
    Does anyone have a source for VW head and cam files to use with engine analyzer pro v3.9? I think it can read the files compatible with desktop dyno etc as well. Free is good but I dont mind paying for a decent collection either. Thanks!
  3. Drag Racing
    Please submit your car photos to me for my web site Thank You for your support [email protected]
  4. Bodywork and Interior
    Have a 2387cc with 5.7 rods. How much trimming do you foresee would need to be done to fit it in a 1969 Cal-Look Bug. Is the trimming done under the engine seal so it would be out of sight?
1-4 of 4 Results