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  1. good oil cooler seals?

    I'm going to be replacing some oil cooler seals on my doghouse cooler. It looks like a pretty straightforward operation. Any tips/tricks I should be aware of? Where do you guys get the seals, someone recommended WCM to me? I don't want to use some cheap chinese garbage. thanks!
  2. Purchased first type 1 VW...what to upgrade to

    Hey all, I've never owned an air-cooled VW in my life but, well, you never know whats past the bend as they say. Just bought a clean 69 type 1 with 1600, dual port heads, dual Empi carbs, performance headers, front disc, etc. STOCK 69 cooling system and oil cooler, NOT a doghouse, 009...
  3. oil pressure

    Trying to figure out why I'm blowing oil through breather box, it never did before?
  4. Oil containment system

    Drag Racing
    Does the 10.90 class and 11.90class require oil containment system on motor