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  1. Who's using a JayCee bypass filter mount with an Autocraft state 1/2 pump?

    Looking for how you plumbed this combo? About to start building my engine, ready for TT Pink to go fast! My setup will be street driven and running a fan shroud and stock oil cooler. Thanks! Lester
  2. Fuel Pump Dilema!!

    Fuel Delivery
    So, I had this big smell of gas. Popped the deck lid and fuel was oozing from the feed line into the pump big time. So I ordered a new pump kit. When I tied to swap in the new pump. the stand was stuck solid, couldn't budge it. So I tried to put the new pump on the old stand. When I tried to put...
  3. vacuum pump ??

    hello, what is the vacuump pump, it used for... increase the hp? someone explain to me how it works? :confused: thanks