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  1. Let's talk cars

    Car Talk
    WTF has happened to this forum? No one talks cars anymore. It's just a bunch of stupid ****. :mad::furious:
  2. street racing

    Unlimited Street
    found this on the local shooting sites. Nice VW bus. Not sure it is the right place.
  3. favorite track for drag racing?

    Drag Racing
    Hey guys, which tracks have you drag raced on? Do you have a favorite track?
  4. New to racing!

    New Member Introductions
    Just picked up my first race car this week, a 68 ghia. Although I'm new to the race side of VWs, I have been active in the vw scene for almost 15 years now, here in Las Vegas. My first car was a 1956 oval that my father and I restored back in 2002. I am currently finishing up the restoration of...
  5. Show off your racing helmet!

    Which racing helmet are you using? Tell us what kind and post up a pic!