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  1. Drag Racing
    We came unprepared. The car wouldn't run and it was my fault. A fuel filter disintegrated and put flotsam throughout the system. Had it been a conventional system, I may have done the work to clean things out and run it. However, the fuel system is very complex, and it would have been near...
  2. Drag Racing
    anyone ever wonder about sac's scales? in bakersfield my car weighed 1885, in sac it weighed 1925. which one do you believe? maybe the guys at bakersfield just did a quicky? but i cant imagine a quicky being off 40lbs can you? im just shocked the car weighs that much really.
  3. Drag Racing
    Is there a thread for results to Sac
  4. Events
    Hey does any one know when they start and stop racing/qualifying and close up the track on Saturday . I'm am going to be hanging out with my 3 year old daughter on Sunday so i am thinking of going Saturday afternoon .
  5. Drag Racing
    Pretty Quite up in here???
  6. Pro Gas
    Well, since our cheerleader and hype guy Brian is MIA, I'll say it. Who is gonna make it to Bugorama May 24th and 25th? After a full field in Phoenix, but only 6 cars at Fontana, I hope we can fill the field again at Sac. Local race for a lot of Pro gas guys, so lets here it. Who's gonna make...
1-6 of 6 Results