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  1. The Black Car for sale!

    Drag Racing
    Sad to see this one on its way out. Ad says its run 8.85 on the bottle! Never saw a word of that on here! Way to go guys! :: VW Classifieds - The Black Car
  2. Fast Fiat For Sale

    Drag Racing
    Damnit -- Pat was talking about doing this at Fontana and I was hoping a little seat time would get the juices flowing again -- But he was saying that the fire just wasn't burning that hot for him anymore ... :: VW Classifieds - 1969 Fiat 850 Pro Mod Race Street Car There was...
  3. For Sale: TX turbo Ghia for sale

    Another Ghia race car, lots of info on the samba: http:// Or call or email if you have questions or need more photos. Thanks, greg Chris is right. For now look at the samba race car section, texas cars. I'll try to fix the link.