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  1. Turbochargers
    Turbo Cam Advice :skip: I am building a 2387 cc turbo for my drag / street legal bug. I would like your opinions on the set up and the cam I have. It will mostly be used for drag racing and occasional drive on the street. 94 mm Wiseco pistons and cylinders with Total Seal Rings and Spiro...
  2. Street Car Projects
    I have a stock 1600cc Air Cooled Prime Mover. I have done some research about the stock HP being around 50-56. I was thinking of getting rid of the current stock exhaust and replacing it with a strait pipe system along with a small turbo to increase the HP to around 125-150. Would this be a bad...
  3. Fuel Delivery
    I have a cb quicktune setup that is new to me, i am getting ready to wire it up and install the software on my laptop in the next week or two, i have a few questions. Hopefully someone knows or maybe Mark L can intercept this, anyway thanks in advance. 1. i have a mallory 685 hyfire box, msd...
  4. Turbochargers
    I'm currently rebuilding my motor. I have a couple questions about cams. I'm leaning towards an fk44 or 45 on 112lbc. Has anyone had any experience we either of these cams or a web 109? The motor has brothers vw 44 mid d port and 44/37 valves with scat 1.25 rockers that measured out to 1.33...
  5. Turbochargers
    I know there are benefits to each, and some threads have touched on this subject already, but I'd like to know overall what you guys think is the easiest setup to tune for the street (including elevation changes of thousands of feet) and make good reliable power with minimal tweaking once the...
  6. The Marketplace
    Another Ghia race car, lots of info on the samba: http:// Or call or email if you have questions or need more photos. Thanks, greg Chris is right. For now look at the samba race car section, texas cars. I'll try to fix the link.
1-6 of 6 Results