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2 Stroke Drag Bug (no, not Andrew Foldhazi)

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How about a 2 stroke/type4 engine drag bug
Yes 2 stroke, like your weed eater!

Ever seen it? 2 Stroke Beetle/index.htm

Video of the bug

People with too much time on their hands!
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thats my kinda motor there
a turbo on top of a blower
gramazone said:
way different set up,,the dam thing cant run without the blower,,look like they added the turbo to help it get a lil more,,tons of torque,,got two 12V92 in the shop now,,,the 2 stroke thing is catching on,,you can get 400hp out a 2.5 mercury outboard,,not bad,,compared to the house 340 at 2.5 too,,,the 2stroke engines got lots of RPM too
so why dont u make one
:turd: :turd:
do they turn that 16,500 rpm
I know a guy that does that with his 4 stroke
hell at 16K on that motor the blower is turning 32K
gramazone said:
lol,,you lil knuckle head,,now im sure its MO LIES,,,aint got no 16.5k engine,,,youve been tipping the can too often
ur buddy turns 16.5K dont u know
realfastbug said:
did anyone get those links to work or have one that does?
somebody must have because there talking about watching the video
16500 is right now next month hell be turning 18000
just wait till he gets his car outta the shop
ur sad now wait till u get beat by ur buddy with the hop motor
1 - 15 of 54 Posts
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