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2 Stroke Drag Bug (no, not Andrew Foldhazi)

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How about a 2 stroke/type4 engine drag bug
Yes 2 stroke, like your weed eater!

Ever seen it? 2 Stroke Beetle/index.htm

Video of the bug

People with too much time on their hands!
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There was an entire thread devoted to this on cal-look a couple years ago... it was/is very interesting, there was a video (with sound) that was incredible. If I remeber right, the car has been parked for years, the owner/builder moved on to other things. Someone even posted a pic of the car sitting outside, behind a chainlink fence.

Anyhow it's a great concept and from the video I saw, and it worked! On the otherhand, like overhead cam conversions, reverse direction intake-exhaust tract flat fours, water cooled heads, automatic VW transmission with trans brakes, it all takes a lot of machine work, experimentation and stick-to-itiveness for those ideas to ever see the light of day and sorta work.
That other thread mentioned the owner/builder had trouble joining <and resulting breaks in joints> between the cast iron cylinder to the intake and exhaust pipes... not unsurmountable issues in my book, Yamaha and Honda figured that out 50 years ago, but tough for the home builder.

If you look at the pics, he used a blower to inject the charge into the combustion chamber, piston port style without using transfer ports or needing to pressurize the crankcase.

I think the old GMC 2-stroke Diesels done the same way, weren't they? (BTW, little known fact that the first 'Jimmy' blowers used on top fuelers of the day came off these old 2-stroke GMC bus engines)
jersey joe said:
Expansion chambers on a VW !! I am a big 2 stroke fan....
There's nothing like the smell of Castor Oil !!

In 1977 I had this KH250 2-stroke triple that I transplanted a 400cc triple into, mild port work, Denco expansion champbers, jetted by your truely. I used to embarass any 4-stroke rider that had less than 750cc, and even some of them! Harley Sportster riders were the most fun though... stand it up on the rear wheel and ride past them in second! The stuff you do when you're young, dumb, and full of cu.... ummm.., I meant to say energy, yea, that's it, full of energy!
gramazone said:
arrrrhh man,,i just love when you rev those tripple and they start that ring ding ding sound,,oh my god,,i'm getting goose bumps,,that was way back in the 70s,,,there was this guy runnning in the old IDBA way back with a 8 sec tripple 2 stroke,,i cant remember his name,,,dam,,dam,,dam,,,who started this 2 stroke thread,,i;m sad as hell now,,too much memories
remember these guys?
Tony Nicosia @ Hotbike Engineering?
Justy Jones @ Hotbike and Denco?
Dennis Dean @ Denco?

a few Fremont,CA based, bad-ass 2-stroke triple tuners I had the pleasure of meeting (and watching ride) in the 70's
ok, ok, gramazone, I won't post pictures of that Bonneville 'Pumpkin Seed' lakester that my old 500cc triple engine was supposed to go into... would have been quite a project, if the guy ever finished it...
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