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2 Stroke Drag Bug (no, not Andrew Foldhazi)

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How about a 2 stroke/type4 engine drag bug
Yes 2 stroke, like your weed eater!

Ever seen it? 2 Stroke Beetle/index.htm

Video of the bug

People with too much time on their hands!
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way different set up,,the dam thing cant run without the blower,,look like they added the turbo to help it get a lil more,,tons of torque,,got two 12V92 in the shop now,,,the 2 stroke thing is catching on,,you can get 400hp out a 2.5 mercury outboard,,not bad,,compared to the house 340 at 2.5 too,,,the 2stroke engines got lots of RPM too
was just comparing,,HP per cubes,,,i aint no rocket scientist
all that EPA stuff killed the 2 strokes bikes,,kawasaki had a 750cc version too,,,AUSTIN,,who got an engine thats reving 16,500
austin,,we aint goin there,,that 16500 rpm thing is MO LIES,,,,,,send me the video clip,,LOL
lol,,you lil knuckle head,,now im sure its MO LIES,,,aint got no 16.5k engine,,,youve been tipping the can too often
lol,,noway,,he was just on,,but he didnt stay too long,,all that rpm must have gotten to him,,,,i'm gonna call him up
IDK where AUSTIN got those numbers,,,thats a lot of RPM on those F-1 cars,,,but at half a mil for one of those engines,,they better turn 18grand,,LOL
arrrrhh man,,i just love when you rev those tripple and they start that ring ding ding sound,,oh my god,,i'm getting goose bumps,,that was way back in the 70s,,,austin,,jimmy didnt even had you on his mind back then,,,lol,,there was this guy runnning in the old IDBA way back with a 8 sec tripple 2 stroke,,i cant remember his name,,,dam,,dam,,dam,,,who started this 2 stroke thread,,i;m sad as hell now,,too much memories
austin,,ive got 7 engines,,all 10 sec or better,,,the HOP engine dont stand a chance,,its goin in a heavy A** sedan,,my S/S motor makes 315hp in my ride under 1400lbs with driver,,,DO THE MATH,,is gonna be a SCOTT KELLY built motor WHOOPING the HOP,,,,LOL
TOM,,cut it out,,i'm GETTING MOTION SICKNESS,,,,,NO MO 2STROKE motorcycles posts,,,,,the bike thing hijacked the VW 2 stroke engine,,now i'm up on autotrader looking up bikes(760 tripples),,,LOL
AUSTIN,,click on the link to hear what 16,000 rpm sounds like,,,LOL
ok,,i think i can withstand one more,,LOL,,,, :picture:
1 - 12 of 54 Posts
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