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3.5" front wheels

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I located a pair of 3.5" width Bogart front wheels. I was considering installing my current 145R15 Nankang tires. Can anyone comment on using that size of tire on a narrow wheel, or perhaps an alternative tire size?

This is for a street/strip Beetle...but those 3.5" wheels would be primarily for the drag strip.

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Okay, so I've mounted the 3.5" Bogarts with my old 145R15 Nankang tires and it's not too bad, however, on a full-circle turn, the tires are just rubbing on the fenders a bit. Murz: thanks for the list above, I'll do some measuring to determine some suitable smaller tires. Here's a photo of the wheels:

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Looks awesome Neil !! What about a smaller M&H front runner ?
Don't make full circle turns...well at least not with the steering wheel. LOL.. Problem solved...Seroiously that is why ERCOs and narrowed beams were invented.. Solutions cost...It don't get cheaper. Live with. It is only a track thing right?
I just picked up a set of 145x65x15s for my 3.5 ercos. They'll be mounted this next week. I anticipate awesomeness. Front runner look, useable width, oh and speed rated.
NoBars said:
Man, those things get around...
Light aluminum 4-bolts are virtually non-existent in Canada, so I was fortunate to spot these wheels on the internet. They should help bring down the ET's this summer :happy:
NoBars said:
Man, those things get around...
NoBars: Have you got any photos of the Bogarts when they were on your Beetle?

I found some center caps at a local wheel shop and some Wolfsburg stickers from

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Looks great Neal,I put stops on my steering box to limit turn radious .

Better ditch the frt radials now , call John at k&n and get som DOT frt runners to match the rear tires.
See you in august
oh god , fat fingers .
yes please dont use a washable airfilter for frt tires
Sorry, I keep forgetting. I never use my PC anymore and they are all on there.
Very nice! That's look more like a '67 converted to 4-lug or perhaps disc?
Ghia type disks. Also 356 rear drums. I went to cb wide 5 fronts.
I recently changed over to my own design front and rear brakes with wilwood components. I'm a cnc programmer/ machinist.

Well, thanks in part (no doubt) to your lighter Bogart front wheels, I dropped 2/10ths in ET and posted a new best for sixty foot and top-end speed. This was at the Great Canadian VW Show drag races at Mission Raceway, on Friday. Last year my best at Mission was 12.8 seconds, and this year:

12.658 seconds
1.718 sixty-foot
106.44 MPH

I also ran 2/10ths quicker at my home track, Castrol Raceway, Edmonton, Alberta.

This is with John's tires (M&H 215/65's) at 22 psi and no burnout. I actually had one more race that seemed quicker, but the timing system gave a faulty readout!
Congratulations on making progress. 12.60s is fast.
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