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67 Drag Bug

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Picked up a clean old school drag bug back in Sept of last year. Been working and collecting parts for it. This one will be a frame up restoration and everything will be replaced. :shock: I've been cleaning up some areas that they cut some sheet metal out and it wasn't to pretty. lol Also I did cut out the old roll bar and will be getting a new one put in when I get the body back on the chassis. I'm taking it to Eastex Racecars here in Nacogdoches Tx. They build a lot of Comp, Super Stock and other class cars, so I know I'll be taken care of ;) Once I get it back the body will be coming back off and sent off the chassis to get powder coated. So lets get started a pictures from the day I brought it home. I will be updating from then on.

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It had a streaker wheels in the front and Centerlines on the rear. I traded the fronts for a nice pair of Centerlines to match the back

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This pass weekend we replace the pass side floor pan.

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Good to see a new project , looks like a pretty good start.
Got busy over the weekend and got the body and chassis back together, so it can get to the chassis shop real soon. Finished doing the dzus mount for the rear fenders and then decided to put the OG apron on a diet and mount it too.

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Very cool ...... thanks for posting all the photos. Fun to watch your progress.
Nice! Can't wait to see what east Texas race cars does. They build some killer cars.
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