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Tonight was Red Bull night at Sac Raceway. The Red Bull girls were handing out free samples to anyone and everyone. I was in the tower when one of the RB guys came up and asked Chad what they had to do to get a heads up race with the Red Bull Minis'. Chad told him "Hook Me Up Dude!". The guy set up Chad with a case of product and the race was on. Red Bull Mini in the left lane cut a light and had it all the way. It was pretty cool.
We had another awesome showing of VW Racers. A total of ten, Nine of us hardcore regulars, and one newcomer to the mix. Doug welcomed the new dude, Shaun and gave him a few pointers. Before you new it Shaun was cuttin' some lights and being consistant. Most of us went late rounds with 3 winners in 3 different lanes, and one all VW final round.
Brian was doing some of his well known smoky burnouts. Not to be outdone, Baaron was roasting em too. Greg had the Drag Buggy carrying the wheels all night long. Recent wrench session on David's Super led to best numbers ever. Doug, Nathan, and Brian continued to test-n-tune recent additions and modifications.
Newcomer Shaun went all the way to the winner's circle his first time out!
All in all it was a "all smiles" night!

In the Pro Lane:
Greg - Orange Drag Buggy (Winner)
Doug - Grey Single Cab
Nathan - Blue/Silver Sedan

Lane 5:
Shaun - Yellow Super (Winner)
Brian - Green Sedan (Runner-Up)
David - Black Super
Baaron - Orange Super

Lane 6:
Cody - Tan Oval (Winner- 3rd Time, now he goes Pro)
John - White Ragtop (Semi's)
Blake - Blue Sedan

Weather was good, not too hot. Slight breeze, and the track was OK.
Pics and more video to follow.

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Greg always writes a great race report.

Looks like you guys had a blast (as usual). Looking back, I think I had more fun back in the day racing with NASA than I've had since. Hopefully soon my finances will be in better shape and I can jump in there again.
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