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looking to build a reliable n/a engine that’s more for torque than a high rpm screamer. here’s the parts i am considering, and will be do the assembly myself.

parts list
tf-1 dropped cam case
jpm ms230 or ms250 heads
autocraft cylinders
je or cp pistons
autocraft drysump pump
scat billet crank
chevy rod journal
wedgemated or flanged
type iv center main or all mains
scat cb pauter or carrillo rods
pauter 1.4 rockers
scat lube a lobe lifters
full msd ignition
48 tri jet dellorto’s
10:0:1 - 11:5:1 compression
chipped at no more than 7k

vendor list
jp motorsprts
geers engineering
precision alloy
pierside parts
dunebuggy warehouse
cb performance

any suggestions or experience with the above parts, any vendors for said parts or machine shops familiar with engines of this stroke and or bore are welcome?

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