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Advertising opportunities for your small businesses

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Hello Members,

Just wanted to make an offer to you members who were hand picked and invited here to participate in this forum before it goes public.

As much as you might be honored you were asked, I am honored you were willing to be involved.

I am starting to do a layout with Jason for advertising and wanted to offer any of you Pre-Release members the best advertising deal you will ever have the opportunity to utilize for your business.

You tell me what your willing or able to pay for the ad and thats what it will cost. Just a donation!

We already have BugPack and VW Paradise as advertisers so they must see the fact we are going to be BIG!! ;D

We are trying to raise funds to cover the start up expenses of the site it's self. We will be printing t-shirts, stickers etc as well to promote the site and your ads.

Need you send me your business logo file (Business car or whatever) you want used for the ad.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me anytime

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Here is a sample business card. They are 225x420 pixels and would be linked to your website if you have one.


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