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Anyone remember Club-Vee-Dub?

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It got really big and spread thoughout Nor-Cal and the Bay Area during the 90's. Believe it or not, it was myself, my ex-girlfriend, and a friend named Mike Baer who started the whole thing right here in good ol' Yuba Sutter. We began as a small club called "Kustom Kreations", but soon decided to change to "Club-Vee-Dub" in an effort to separate ourselves from such a generic moniker that was always being associated with the mini-truck scene.

By the time it grew to hundreds of members throughout the North State, we didn't have anything to do with it anymore--- it was being run by another group of fellas, led by a guy named Sherrife something-or-other. Just a couple years ago I was walking through the car show area at Bug-O and I'll be damned if I didn't see a rear window still painted with the original "Club-Vee-Dub" logo that my ex designed some 15 years prior sitting at her mom's kitchen table. Kinda neat, actually-- my 68 Bug was the 2nd window ever to showcase that logo back in 1991, and here it was on a car at Bug-O about 15 years later. I tried to find the owner of the car but had no luck.
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Strange......never heard of Club Vee Dub.
Thought I was in the know of most of the VW Clubs popular in the Bay Area.
Here are some I have been affiliated with over the years....past to present

Bay Area Transporter Association (BATA)
Society Of Transporter Owners (SOTO)
Society Of Late Only Buses (SLOB)
Fault Line VW's
Precious Metals
Tri-City V-Dubs
Wolfsburg Pacific
Blitzkrieg VW's
Better Late Then Never (BLTN)
Tracy V'Dub Club
Tru - Dubs
Deutsch Stahl Nor * Cal
Kafer Knights
Vintage Volkwagon Club of America (Golden Gate Chapter)
Vintage Volkwagon Club of America (Central Coast Chapter)
Old Volks
Nor Cal Air Cooled Group
Sacramento NAG
Nor Cal Transporters
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You guy might not remember the club but I used to be a part of Capitol City Classics (CCC) back when I first got into vw's back in 94'.
Rich and I met as members of "Northern California Volkswagens Unlimited"" in 1980!

And lasted till like 1991 or so for me.

And still friends 28 years later
Ok then, how bout "Tiny Toyz"? Anyone ever heard of them? Probably not unless you're from the Yuba/Sutter area or happened to notice a window logo at a NorCal show-- they were one of the first and biggest area clubs in the late 80's / early 90's. Club-Vee-Dub put em out of business. ;)
ErikTheRed said:
Ok then, how bout "Tiny Toyz"? Anyone ever heard of them?
*Scratches head* I wanna say yeah.....but.....NOPE!
However I did know about Capitol City Classics.
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