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Big Block new bug wins

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i hate to say it but i REALLY hate it when someone puts a v8 in a vw. maybe with it being a new bug might be somewhat ok. it looks like they did a good job doing it though.
I really hate it when someone tells me to put a v8 in my car. I like the puzzled look they get on their face when I say why, I can make my vw motor just as fast!
Lanky said:
I can make my vw motor just as fast!
I don't want to look too confident, gotta save the surprise for the stoplight to stoplight action!
BadDogRacing said:
Bad looking with those big tires!

But still plenty of VWs that smoke him ;D
Waste of time!!!!

All that work to be slower than a VW!

We all like VWs because it's fun to be the underdog and kick ass!!!

If you want a big block chevy get a camaro or something
Then we will still kick your ass!! ;D
true that!!!! Because then the v-8 guys will say it's not a bug, just a bug wanting to be a v-8. It loses it's underdog status.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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