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Big Droopy's project

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well after helping simplyvinyl for a few years and getting the itch. he had a car available so i made the choice to get it and start a build. plus a great deAL on the car since the kid that had it before he got it back hacked it up :mad: ...with his help and insight hope to build a competitive street race car (mostly race wont see street unless i drive to bremerton track. hope to have body off pan this weekend and make pan ready for cage. if you guys have tips and/or advice please let me know, i race circle track for a long time and built plenty of v8 motors hi rev hi torque along with a ford 2300 that i ran ministock class. im new to the aircooled which i lean on simplyvinyl for his knowledge. im going to do a draw thru turbo setup. the case i have is a mexico AS41 already been lign bored which looks gooda but not to comfortable running max lign bore on high rev motor, so i will hit up morris engines to get a case and 86mm crank and i have crower makeing me rods (used them in all my motors and they offer a vw h beam rod 3/8 bolt just peronal preferance plus i get a good deal from them) everything else i believe simply has. looking forward to racing this june or july. see if we can get our other buddy out there the mad chihuahua since he haS 2 bugs in his garage lol...

71 bug i got from simplyvinyl

the case i was going to use...????
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Cool sounds like you have a good plan together. Welcome to the Ultimate Aircooled
question for the community, i have a mexican as41 case that has a line bore .058 over and .020 thrust cut, would i be ok building this until i get money to get another case. i plan on doing a turbo motor, draw thru with a holley 500 at first with a 86mm crank 94mm p n c. would i be safe running this setup with this case, my concern is hi rev motor with .060 over on mains.
lil update I have got some work done and a bunch more to do.


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looks like a good start, I came over from drag racing v8 cars. I have a 69 I am working on.
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