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Bob Hoover Blog - Interesting reading on many subjects

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Ever heard of Bob Hoover?
He is a philosopher, engineer, pilot , and much more.

Well story is he worked with Gene Berg, Dean Lowry and other founders of our hobby back in the days when they were developing things we take for granted nowadays.

His finding and ideas are very helpful for those of you that want good dependable engines athat run cool!

He isn't as specific to racing suggestions but to more the bus driver etc

His blog has many personal opinions and experiences. As well as his engineering discoveries on the subject of Aircooled flat four engines.

His blog talks to pilots, pilots with Flat Four power,bus and car builders, drivers, mechanics, etc. As well just talking to you as human beings on subjects of life.

Well I stumbled onto a article he had added to his blog months back and found myself reading his blogs all the way back to the very first (years ago!) which took hours!

Here is the link:

If your bored and have time he has some interesting things to say (in my opinion).

Just scroll to the bottom of the pages and then click on "older posts" and it will take you to the previous page!

Bob's latest posts announces he has cancer. I personally hope he beats this horrible disease since my father is fighting as well!

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I thought you were talking about this Bob Hoover, a must see youtube vid.
I first started reading Bob's 'sermons' on RAMVA a little over 10 years ago. The man is not a 'monkey see, monkey do' kind of guy. He understands exactly what he's talking about, and take it or leave it, it is what it is.

I hope he's doing okay, the man has forgotten more than many of us will ever know. He's a man with great knowledge and understanding with personal experience to back it all up.
He'll be missed -- -- His advice on how to finish a project will always stay with me -- do something everyday, even if it only one thing, but do it everyday. Every project has a finite number of steps and eventually they will be done, even if it is only 1 at a time.

Just like Eaallred, I started reading Bob's stuff many moons ago..late ninties I would say.. at a time when sites were coming and going like weekends, I printed out his stuff. great reading. God Speed.
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