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"BOB'S" Project Boost

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:hrmm: When I built my present car I built it for a daily driver. I figured it would see the race track from time to time.

This was 8-10 years ago. I had a body painted and I installed a 4 inch narrowed beam, CB disk brakes on the front, drum rear, all drilled for Porsche 5 lug. I installed steel braided brake hoses, electric fuel pump, rhino case trans with 4.12 r&p with stock ratios and super diff with SAW axles. Polished and painted 16/7 and 16/8 fuchs. My power plant was a 1.8 ltr 8 valve engine with dual 45's mild head port and mild cam. I fell short on the radiator install placing it in the car above the trans and I made a makeshift firewall. This was not very efficient and I had to use duct's through lexan 1/4 windows to get some force fed air to the radiator. This worked okay for the time being. I drove that car every where. It was about 50 miles round trip to work for about a year. I made it to the track 3 times that year and went through about 3 trannies as well, and no I did not break them at the track.

Anyways sometime into my second year of driving the car I was able to purchase another vehicle. I was now working at a VW high performance shop. This allowed my mine to expand. With the access to a mill and lath I was in heaven. However the only thing I ever made for my car on the mill was an aluminum throttle cable bracket.

By the end of the second year of driving I was on about the 3rd trans again. At this point in time I decided with the encouragement of my employer to raise and narrow torsion as the transmission was already out of the car. I went in 3 and up 3 inches. This made the car sit nice and look tough. The main reason was to be able to get the car lower and have level camber and help the car on the track. I was able to trade my SAW's for the short ones I needed and I only had to purchase spring plates. The car was a roller again but I did not put the engine back in because I now needed a cage to strengthen up the frame horns.

The shop I was working for was not doing so well and I was flat rate so money was an issue as it usually is with our hobby. I was able to get my foot in the door at a VW dealership. I quit my job at the high performance shop and towed my car home. I had no garage so the car and engine sat outside partially covered. There the car sat for about 5 years.

So now I was making some money again but my new hobby was weight lifting. Then along came my beautiful daughter, I bought a nice truck and finally a house with a garage. Whoo hoo. So now my car was safe in the garage. But the house needed work. There went another year past as I worked on the house buying decorative items and what not. The car just sat waiting ever so patiently.

I was determined to get the car back on the road I purchased a cage from a local race shop. With a 110 wire feed welder, a bench grinder to fish mouth the ends and a sawzal to trip as needed. I went to town. The cage turned out well considering all things. I do know how to weld and I have metal experience. So now the cage is done but funds ran out once again. I was not going to slap it back together as it was. It needed to be presentable.

In 2008 I now had my boss and coworkers hounding me to get bring the car down to the shop and finish it. I felt I did not have the money to spend on it as I spread myself very thin with the new house, truck, furniture, all of which were financed.

However in 2008 my shop was to put on its annual car show in spring time. I did not want to miss this one again as this was going to be the best one yet. I had 3 month's till the show. Nothing like a deadline to make things happen. In this time I purchased a new fuel cell, radiator and fan. Mounted those under the hood. Plumbed the cooling lines through the tunnel since my shifter was not on top of it and I installed a hydraulic clutch to eliminate breaking clutch cables, as I broke a few of those as well. I'm sure the stage 3 pressure plate was not helping. I found out earlier this year.

So now onto trimming some more of the rear of the body. A lot more. At this point I Did the best I could to strengthen up the rear of the car as it it was now flimsy. And for those who are asking themselves why I cut so much out its because the wheels are now up and in 3 inches as well as the torsion. So after making a new support structure I was able to fab up a some decent aluminum panels to make a firewall. It turned out very clean considering all factors. However since time was nil I never painted the cage or the rear body infrastructure. The pan also needed a coat of paint as I had performed a 1/2 pan replacement on the battery pan area.

At last I remounted the gauges made seat brackets, and restraint brackets and installed the engine. I saved the engine for last as I new I could get this baby make noise once again, I had to buy some carbs because I sold mine awhile back. I settled for 40's since a friend had them and they were new. Made all the necessary wiring connections, fuel lines and different exhaust as my header was rusted away from the exhaust wrap I put on it years back.

Its runs!!!!! It smokes a little because it was wooped from beating on it for 2 years and then sat for 5 outside but it runs. I made it to the car show with not a single hiccup as I made sure throughout those last 3 months to not forget anything.

So I ended up meeting Dlx-fe and Kaferknight at a local car club meet and they mentioned the race track. I said I'm there dude's. I raced the piss out of this thing all year and..... who knows where this is going.... a few more trannies. However this time when I broke something I did my best to upgrade. I now have hardened close 1st /2nd and close 3rd/4th. After those upgrades now I was hurting my ring and pinions with 5000 rpm launches. O yea and the stage 3 pressure plate. I finally replaced the stage 3 with a stage 1 and six puck disk. I now also have a 3.88 race prepped by yours truly. The new slick's were not helping the R&P's either.

The season is now over and its time to make it faster for next year. I am going to turbo charge it and with that comes regearing the trans. I also need to take the car apart to paint and possibly clean up some of the sheet metal. I would like to get some wheel tubs that I wanted to do last year but ran out of time. Big wig had some nice ones I saw recently thanks to this site. O yea one more thing. Since I ran 14.2's when I built the car and 14.2's this year I have some making up to do..

I am looking for 11's. and about 260-300 hp. I will run it on a dyno to see what kind of hp I will be making at what ever amount of boost we get it set at. I am in the process of rebuilding a 2004 1.8T engine. I have my TO4B turbo with a V intake an P exhaust wheels. I am in the process of replacing the exhaust housing with a .58. I will be making this engine draw through and with the help of my extremely talented friend we will be making custom intake and exhaust manifolds. It will be drawing off a 650 demon carb. Why... because I WANT TO. No EFI just yet.

At this point in time the car is disabled and I will post some pics along the way for anyone who cares to look. I left my camera at work so no detailed shot's as of yet but I will post a couple of how the car was. BTW it is a race car now but I have to drive my car on the street. It will remain on the street as long as its feasible. Its a full metal car weighing in at about 2150 with driver.

:read: :read: :read:

All items above are to the best of my recollection. I am sorry It took so long to read but then again I did not ask you to read it. Please forgive any misspelling, punctuation, and just plain TMI. I wanted to get the just of it out there and I think I did. I know I left out some details but I don't really care right now... I am tired as hell my eyes hurt and I wont be graded on this thread...
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Ok here is the deal, I talked to my friend Mike tonight that has the Pro Mod bike and he spoke to Wilson that makes the pop off valves and they said they are for boosted applications.

His version starts to open at 35 PSI but can be adjusted higher by tightening the springs or you can get get heavier springs for up to 95 pounds.

He had T.O.E in Fairfield machine his plenum to accept two of these to replace two of the four disk type he had, the two left with the red rings are stainless disks that only blow out at over 100 PSI.

Below is a picture of his plenum, he will be testing with it this weekend at Infinion. It's a new bike so he is still taking baby steps, I think he is only running about 14 pounds of boost and one stage of nitrous with a small shot, this has netted him some 7.20's.

This bike is insane in that it can take over 30 pounds and has two stages of nitrous!

I hope this info helps.
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[img= width=600 height=800][/img]

YEAH!.........Thanks BOB!!

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Brian Sanders said:
Thanks Newk...I didnt blurt out the RLR deal in hopes to fix the shift....I was just rambling on.

This isnt the first time i bent or broke a hockey stick...I think I was simply was too rough on it. And the way my shifter is I have a ton of leverage.
Brian, why not weld a stop for the shift rod to prevent the hockey stick from over extending and bending. I know this is old school but, it's a hell of a lot less money than the fancy vertigate shifters. The vertigate shifters big advantage is the fact that you can set each individual rod using the stops on the shifter. The reason you are bending the shift fork is more than likely the current shifter does not know when to stop and it is over extending the reach of the shift rod, thus bending the hockey stick. I have used this type of setup in the past with great success and no more hockey stick problems. Still using the stock hockey sticks and my old trusty bugpack shifter (over 25 years old now), with no issues and will use this setup again in my next venture. Too simple! Just my 2 cents!

Good Luck, great thread
Thanks for the post, That is definitely a great solution. If I have another issue and the nose cone comes off again I will explore that suggestion. But at bugo things were working well. Also I was hoping to ditch the H pattern because i was supposed to be beta testing a prototype shifter but its hopes and dreams I guess.
Too busy trying to make the new titanium prototype II to fix prototype I wouldn't want bob to spend all that time putting in the first one when the second one will be done tomorrow
Austin Larsen said:
Oh that shifter is too pretty not to show it off dont you think?

Dont get lazy and just do a link to it :)

Looks good Brian, always fun to get new toys

Austin those are pretty as hell

Brian Sanders:
"After several years on the wish list.... I got one. For those wondering its a Vertigate shifter."


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Hey guys.. Took a hiatus over the winter.. Parked the car and forgot all about it even though I walked by it every day.. After the first of the year I knocked the dust off and took her out. I made some changes including swapping out the 750 vac carb for a 750 double pumper. I also backed the timing way down. I found it was at 33 when this whole time I thought it was at 24*. :) I ran a 10.10 off the trailer with a 1.36 60'
I hot lapped the car and it drove through the clutch a bit.
Ran a 10.01 with a 1.46 60'. Go figure... Third pass it jumped out of 4th I think.. Not sure if I missed it. I checked and found I had opened up the shift rail again. So a little adjustment with a 5 lb sledge and I drove it in the pits. I found 3 rd ground quickly into gear as if I had a bent or broken synchro.. Loaded her up to avoid further damage.

Meanwhile the Sacramento Autorama was aproching and I had committed to showing my car there months prior. I talked withy painter friend and the thrash was on.. 2 weeks to paint the car.
I blew the car apart that day and wouldn't you know it in typical painter fashion he didn't start until 2 days later. Long story short he got it done. It was so down to the wire he painted the fenders of the morning I had to deliver the car to the show.. I think each one has a thumb print from me. This was a garage paint job and it has some flaws but turned out awesome.
The car as always had a great showing and attracted lots of attention. It never gets old for me to sit back and watch reactions.

Now that I'm past that I'm looking towards the next test session.. Well f'k it. There is an PCSA race coming up in three weeks. Since I don't want to slow the car for 10.60 I think we're going for open comp. they take your fastest qualifier and add one tenth to it. That is your dial in the rest of the race.. Sounds cool.

But before that the Trans needs checked and well since I decided I wasn't going to wait for an overdue prototype shifter. I decided to go with a tried and true JCL vertigate. It really has been a couple years I've been drooling over this thing. And well... I feel like it fits my car. My car deserves it.. Lol. I went with a complete set up and so far I'm impressed! The shift rods are cut and set up in a fashion to simplify the instal. This goes for the shifter mounts too. The new nose come now comes with seals and this was a must for me. All Heims were included as well marked to help with the instal.

I think that about sums it up for now.

Pictures to follow.

Posted from my phone.. Excuse errors
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I did leave out one part. I finally was able to get my hands on my front end. This was one of the first ones BX2 composites produced. It been sitting in storage since Vegas bugo. :) I'll be fitting and mounting it when I get some time. Then I'll have it painted to match.

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This is the 10.10 pass. Btw I'm still running on an engine I built over 4 years ago and has yet to be refreshed. I feel like I'm on borrowed time so I try not to bring it up. :)

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Oh yeah.... First gear ran out a little quicker than I was ready for obviously. :-/
Car is looking fantastic !

And all kinds of go fast goodies!!

That front end will make the car looks so sleek for sure

Good luck this year
Beautiful BOB -- -- Haulin Too
Re: Project Boost

Ouch! Get a cheap Holset HX-35 from your turbo guy and put a carbon seal on it.
Hey have you done this? Im trying to figure out how and what is needed
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