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This is a 12 Step Process.

STEP1-Assemble engine, Install it.

STEP2-Add Oil to the engine ( this is on the alt/gen stand ).
STEP3-Disconnect coil, remote plugs, ( including plugs in the oil cooler )spin engine over until the oil light goes out. Then spin the engine 30 seconds or so more.
STEP4-Connect Coil, and replace the spark plugs.
STEP5-Start the engine, and make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy! Watch for leaks.
STEP6-Run engine at 2500 RPMS for 15-20 minutes. We want the high rpms because this will ensure a good oil pressure and cooling during these most critical months of the engines life.
STEP7-Shut the engine down. Change oil, clean the strainer, and readjust anything that needs. Check for loose bolts and nuts, and check clutch play.
STEP8-Assuming that the engine is okay, add oil and drive at 55 mph or slower for the first 500 miles of your engines life. Make sure you do step on it once in a while so that you can break-in the rings.
STEP9-Adjust the valves while the engine is cold, and change the oil again. Check the strainer again. If anything is loose tighten it down again.
STEP10-Drive at 55mph or less for another 500 miles.
STEP11-Change the oil once more, check the strainer and re-adjust as necessary.
STEP12-Take off and hit the pavement however you like!
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Here are a few things I like to do depending on your engine combo. When cranking the engine to achieve oil pressure you need to first prime the oil pump (assuming you have a full flowed engine), have a friend crank the engine till you have oil coming out of the pump, then re-connect the oil line, then crank the engine till the oil light goes out and you have a reading on your oil pressure gauge. (if you are using one) Depending on what engine you just built you I don't think you need to run the engine for 15-20 min. I think 2 5min intervals @ 2500 rpms would be sufficient. Then let the engine cool, change the oil, and re-torque the heads.
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