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Broken clutch cable at Bug In

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I have driven my 1967 Camper Bus to 2 of the early Bug In's from back in the day. I am not sure which one it was, but I will tell you a story. Our Club NCVU drove down to So Cal Friday evening. We always left at midnight to drive our aircooled cars when the air is at its coolest. When we arrived in LA, Saturday in the am, we went to our regular hotel. I remember it was a Motel 6 at Katella and Western, I think in Tustin. Gee it has only been 28 year, you would think I would remember. Saturday night our club went looking for a VW cruise spot and not sure when, but broke the clutch cable in my 1967 Camper Bus, which is the same one in my avatar, and had to limp around for the rest of the night with no clutch. Well the next morning, lining up to get in OCIR was not any fun at all. I remember being in line out by the main road near some railroad tracks. My guess it was at least 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile to the entry gate and the cars were always 2 wide and we were pushing the Bus and the snails pace everybody else was going. Thats a lot of pushing to get in. My first idea was to scout the swap for a clutch cable and then change it ASAP. Well there was the car show and the drag racing and the swap and the drag racing and well I didn't start on the repair until it was dark, now I am not looking for any simpathy here but damn, installing a clutch cable in the dark sucks. What really made it bad was I was parked under one of the track loud speakers and DYNO Don was doing his thing. I could have killed the dude.
Well anyway the moral of the story is if it breaks fix it ASAP, and the moran of the story, well thats me.
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