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Bugpack - Cal - LOOK Challenge

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Anything and everything to do with the quickest and cleanest Aircooled cars on the planet goes here

More info and the rules are here:
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Is this that class that has that goof ball Lee Bushaw in it? lol
Bugpack - Cal - LOOK Challenge aka Der Renn Kafer Cup. I am glad someone decided to bring this back. Now I can brag to all one of my V8 friends about the VW street cars, in full street trim doing 11s in the quarter mile, and looking like they are show cars and never driven. I love this racing class.
I still don't think any of them run on the street though Rich.
Ya, I know, but I don't have to tell the V8 dudes that. It is still cool to see a car nice enough to win in a car show and still throw down a blistering quarter mile time.
Hey maybe you can talk Lee into bringing the 58 out to the next NAG.
If he does that Rich, watch out cause you know where may have frozen over! lol
Any chance we can get that name changed to "Bugpack Ultimate Aircooled Challenge"? ;D
GREAT class, Thanks to BugPack, Bug O Rama, and Frenchie for not letting this type of class just die and go away!

Everyone needs to support it!!

If it went away it would only be one class, but I think it would be sorely missed
with the right rules in place that is one of the coolest classes. it started to get caried away before though so i hope its stays real.
I liked where it was headed, too bad they added all the restrictions.
Dude don't let out all the secrets we have up here!
Jrice said:
Dude don't let out all the secrets we have up here!
Secret? No.....Alternative fuel? YES! :w00t:
Well I'll be back in May. Hope to see Jrice run. We were defiantly a colorful bunch in 08. 8)
Some day I'll be in there runnin' with you guys I hope. It's only $$$!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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