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California Modified Imports (CMI) 7-6-2008

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We went to check out the CMI race this last Sunday.
There was a good showing of VW's in the mix.
Today's economy seems to have effected alot of racing events.
Turnout was on the modest side.
It was very nice to see a VW powered vehicle providing performance at the highest level.
Eserini Racing brought out the V-6 Turbo Dragster and was without a doubt the feature vehicle. They set both the Top MPH and the Low ET.
First run they only ran about half track and clicked off a 8.02
Second run was [email protected]
Third run was another [email protected] Talk about being consistant! These guys are ready to go Bracket Racing!
On the fourth pass there was huge Pop at about 330. Something got hurt, so the car was loadied into the trailer.
It was great to see them come out a represent at an Import race.
Other VW racers included.

Doug Colley
John Rocha
Brian Sanders
Steve Poderzay
Stephanie Bracy

Myself.....I was running a rice rocket (Vtec Accord). My hope was to separate myself into another class. The usual for CMI is to isolate all aircooled into the rear wheel drive class with all the domestics.
Being that the turnout was so low, the staff decided to let the ACVW's run in other speed classes to help fill up the fields. Had I known that, I would have paraded one of the racecars instead of the Honda.

The track itself was in decent shape which is unusual at an import race. They spread ample amounts of VHT. There was the typical delays with the abundance of first time racers.
Nothing to brag about in our group. John Rocha went the longest going to qtr finals in CompSport. The heat was getting to us so we decided to pack up and head out. Poderzay and Bracy were still running in their respective classes.
Would have been nice to have ended up in the money rounds, they do pay well! As always....anytime at the track is Good Times!
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BadDogRacing said:
Feature Racecar at CMI

Some people mistakenly think that the smoke in our area is from surrounding fires.
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