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Turbo Cam Advice

:skip: I am building a 2387 cc turbo for my drag / street legal bug. I would like your opinions on the set up and the cam I have. It will mostly be used for drag racing and occasional drive on the street.

94 mm Wiseco pistons and cylinders with Total Seal Rings and Spiro locks
Ultra light weight wrist pins
86 mm wedgemated crank
Stage 3 Kennedy pressure plate with black magic disc
044 Super Pro CNC heads with 44 x 37.5 valves, titanium retainers, VW650 dual springs, hand ported and polished, 69 cc combustion chamber volume.
Port matched Big Beef intake manifolds
5.5" Eagle rods with Chevy big ends
Autolinea tall Super case with 6 shuffle pins, clearanced
Straight cut gears
Ultra light weight 28 mm lifters
Dual Taper Manton Chromoly pushrods
1.4 ratio rockers
1 5/8 hideaway header
Turbonetics ceramic ball bearing 60 series turbo, .63 exhaust, stage 3 turbine
Black Box timing control with MSD 6AL ignition
Dual Blow thru turbo prepped 48 mm Trijet Dellortos with 40 mm venturies (already used them with great success up to 20 psi on my previous 2165cc engine) Eventually will go to fuel injection.
Air to water intercooler
8:1 compression

I was suggested to install the CB 2301 cam that specs: 327 degress advertised duration, 273 degrees duration @ .050" and .523" lift at the valve with the 1.4 ratio rockers.

I plan to run at least 22 psi on C116 race gas. Let me know your thoughts and advice on this combo. What hp and torque you estimate? Plan to run low tens or high nines on the quarter with slicks. Opinions are welcome.
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