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Car push at Bug O Rama

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Back many years ago, the club Brian and I were in, NCVU sponsored the car push at Bug O Rama. Well it just so happens our club did win one year. For some reason I ended up with the trophy.

Maybe UAF can bring back the excitement of the Bug O Rama Car Push and sponsor it. We can get three trophys made for 1st-2nd and 3rd and see if we can get a shop here in town to donate cash for prize money. Just a thought.
One thing I am sure we will want to change is the distance. We pushed the entire 1/4 mile and by half track, that car was jammin, sometimes out running even the pushers. Maybe 1/8 mile or shorter.
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How is it I get involved with so many facets of the VW scene?
Funny thing about push car drags, my team won this event in 2007......It was my first win since 2002 in my car!

This is the trophy we got

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Why did car pushes and engine swap contests go away?
The Bug O Rama car pushes were crazy..I was the driver once back in the early 80's. I was winded watching them push me...a 1/4 mile is brutal on the feet.. Kyle
They do a car push at the Spring Fling in Madera & the crowd loves it.
I remember those days at BOR. The vintage club used my 57 oval a couple times .....yeh,
I was winded about half way....
I mentioned it to the guys at Bugformance the other day thet they should bring it back to the show...This was because I was watching an old video in their showroom of a push drag relay race..
I saw BOB do a car push once.....but it was backwards leaving the starting line! HA! 8)
Greg Urrutia said:
I saw BOB do a car push once.....but it was backwards leaving the starting line! HA! 8)
LOL....Yep that was the end of first gear, a 9 tooth super bettle main shaft....Only hardened Mainshafts for BOB from here on out...
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