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Cars on jackstands are wanted here

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If your like me you love to hear the gossip about a new car being built.

And love even more to see photos and hear from the builder about what it's going to be?

Please share your primered, non-running, still on jack stands, soon to be a rocket, air cooled dream!!

Lets see them!
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Fiatdude said:
DAMN, They even ride their Bicycles the wrong way

Hahaha..... Funny guy!
Here is my '56 rag.
911 front suspension, 944 rear, 944 brakes allround, 914 gearbox, etc.

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My race car 'Betelgeuse' awaiting its motor,tranny and ignition
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My 67 turning it in to a street/strip car


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Beetle on jack stands

Here's my 68 street-strip Beetle on jackstands.

Just installed a CSP-JPM Wasp Stage 2 header, which is a stepped header (1 5/8" to 1 3/4" to 2").

I'm now sorting out the tailpipe and muffler set-up...would like to cut the current A1 Magnaflow to fit, but will probably have to reverse the muffler to the left side (#2 header pipe is now in the way).

The Berg engine support bar won't fit (#3 header pipe is in the way), so I'll have to figure out a custom attachment point. I'm thinking about cutting off a stock '69 bus moustache bar attachment and welding to the Berg bar, which will have to hang lower. Otherwise, might need a Kafer Cup bar.

The #2 pipe winds its way down and blocks the space where the A1 Magnaflow muffler used to hang:

Berg engine support now contacts the #3 pipe without even being tightened up to the engine case:
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101 - 106 of 106 Posts
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