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CompuTronix ignition - any good?

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Anyone ever run this system from CompuTronix?
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Re: Compu - Tronix - any good?

I havent ran one but it appears to be a copy of the compu-fire. And I have ran a LOT of those with good success.
thanks newk I will maybe go with compufire then since you know they work
One bit of advise I will give is to make sure you follow the coil warning carefully... Meaning if you run a low resistance coil you will fry em without a ballast resistor... I did it (hate to admit it) more than once........ ??? :mad:
Bringing this back from the dead. What would qualify for a low resistance coil? Mine ohm out at 3.1 ohms on the primary side and 9.1k ohms on the secondary side. My coil is a no name with no markings on it to go by.
My 009 has one of those Compu-tronix units in it. It seems to work just fine. I pulled the 009 out for a 019, now I'm going back to the 009 for my turbo project.
If i'm not mistaken, the guy that created the pertronix, sold that and made the compufire. Then sold that and now created computronix.

No joke, that's what I hear the deal is. If true, then the quality should be good.
So, in theory they're all the same, correct?
Hotrodvw said:
So, in theory they're all the same, correct?
Improved upon each one, or some damned thing. I've only heard it second hand, so beware!
Just be careful on what coil you use. Had a generic coil that fell into their primary resistance range, smoked 2 modules in less than 30 seconds.
The pertronix is a much better unit than the compu fire. The comp units have poor QC these days. Pertronix fits tight and timing doesn't walk around and the units are more robust and do not require high resistance and with work with high/low ballast resistor/no ballast reisitor. I have no experience with computronix. Also the pertronix billet (msd look alike) distributor with the ignitor II already in them are very nice units that really perform well for the price. Just my two cents on the budget ignition stuff.
Just dont leave the ing on for longer than 5 mins :grinwink:
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