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Cory McClenethan thread

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Just wanted to start a thread on my favorite driver!!

The most famous VW racer of all time!!
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Great guy Cory is!!

Here is my son Kyle with him last year at Infinion Raceway!

Great guy , nothing but nice!!

Trying to interview him the 25th!!
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I know a little secret about McClenathan....... shhhhhhh........

What, that he used to race 4 bangers. We all know that silly. LOL
buggdude67 said:
What, that he used to race 4 bangers. We all know that silly. LOL
No no no my salty little seabass....... sumthin' different. Silence is golden. ;)
Cory early leader at Denver

Cory McClenathan (Top Fuel), Tony Pedregon (Funny Car), Allen Johnson (Pro Stock), and Steve Johnson (Pro Stock Motorcycle) adapted to the changes better than their contemporaries to grab the provisional pole positions heading into the final day of qualifying.

Cory McClenathan
Cory Mac returned to the site of his first NHRA win and outran teammate Tony Schumacher's seemingly insurmountable 3.943 run with an outstanding 3.929 at 308.07 mph. The driver of the Fram dragster led the kings of the sport on a day in which fans witnessed Top Fuel drivers post three-second, 300-plus mph numbers on the scoreboards.

"We came in here wanting to run in the 3.9- to 4.0-second range at around 310 mph," recalled McClenathan. "I have to give a lot of credit to Alan Johnson. When our teammate Tony [Schumacher] ran two pairs in front of us, I'm sure he went back to Mikey [crew chief Mike Green] and gave him the sign to go for it. We followed their lead, and that's what team cars are all about.

"I'm excited to get back to racing and going rounds. We've been racing with heavy hearts the past couple weeks. The loss of Scott Kalitta affected the whole drag racing community, and I also lost Peggy Rogers, my best friend's mom, right before that. My grandma, Dorothy Jones, passed away July 8. She was 88 years old, loved drag racing, and lived a great life. After everything that's happened, I'm glad to be back at a racetrack doing what I love."
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Cory goes to the Semis!

After Denver he sits 4th in the point race!!

Way to go!
Cory is having his best year in a long long time and I for one am glad to see it. He is always such a nice guy that I am glad to see him doing well again.
did he drive anything else besides a vw and top fuel car/

i wonder if going from a top fuel car to running a mid 7 sec vw or 8 sec would be like going from 10 sec car to 16 sec car.

coffee anyone? haha

would be cool to see him get back into an old vw again.
Did you know he still wares a VW symbol necklace everyday, and wile racing.

You can take the vw away from him, but you can take it out of him.
Here is a pic that I have from when he was in Seattle back sometime in the 80's....

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I have had the opportunity to speak with Cory on several occasions. He is truly a nice guy. He still has his Ghia Funny car. Its in pieces at the present time. he has indicated he would LOVE to put it back together and "play". Just doesn't have time with all of the commitments surrounding his Top Fuel operation.

How many of you remember his sister Colleen racing his old bracket car?

I had had the opportunity to actually race against Cory back in 1986 at the Dener Bug In.
My youngest son has an autographed clutch floater(dust and all) from his JRG Mcdonalds T/F car
Well Cory is going rounds at Pomona in the last race of the year.

With Antron Brown not qualifying and Hillary Will losing early he has moved in 2nd place overall in NHRA Top Fuel.

His best finish overall In a Long time and this is great for such a nice guy!!
He drops to 3rd overall , still a great season

Congratulations to Cory and the Fram team for all of their hard work this year. Awesome to see and ex-VW racer doing so well racing with the big boys.
Can't wait for next year to see if he can take it all.
anyone know what vw magazines he was in? I should take it to the race tomorrow but can't look through ALL of them
Just ran 3.88 at 317 at bandimere for track record I think,
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