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D.U.I. Ignition system

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I've seen them advertised but never seen anyone use one.
HEI is definatly an upgrade over a points/condenser setup but I would think the spark energy is not as much as a CD/MSD box. Hard to beat the MSD stuff.
Newk said:
I would think the spark energy is not as much as a CD/MSD box. Hard to beat the MSD stuff.
Thats why magnetos are rare to see today I assume
hello everyone my buddy Bruce has been making these distributors for quite some time, since the eighties at eyeball engineering. he sells one every once in a while.
I adapted and ran a GM HEI distributor on a couple motors. The spark is more than with a perlux or compufire with a blue coil, but I think the multiple spark from a MSD can't be beat.
No, ....... but I got Three (3) CONVICTIONS!
Dammit guys...sorry........ever since paul got hit with the coil wire its hard too keep him under control..... :w00t:...........................bad paul bad....bad :turd: :turd: :w00t:
I have an ignition,that, after I leave the bar..The ignition lock won't stay still...So no DUI
ive seen a couple in buggys, i actually ended up with 1 of them back in 08 for a couple of months and sold it to a buddy of mine, its still doing fine with no touble reports whatsoever
I have one out in the garage if anyone needs it. I intended to use it before they came out with MSD distributors and then never needed it. Mike McCarthy
We've put them in a few Ford engines at work and they work very well, no problems with them at all. They are a HUGE distributor cap though. I put an HEI dist in my 69 Chevy truck with a straight 6 250ci. Best thing I ever did to that truck.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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