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Dominick Luppino said:
The Mouse Trap Was not owned by Dean, it was owned and built by Howard Muse. He owned a shop in Bellflower Ca. called the Mouse House; Dean just drove it a few times. It almost became my first race car in the early 70s. It was first sold to Larry Shaw and renamed Cream De Scream, then sold to Fred Simpson, then to BUGPACKs Rick Sadler not sure who he sold it to.
Actually I bought the car from Larry Shaw in 1979 and painted it white (formally a cream color) and sold it to Fred Simpson in 1981. I don't think Fred ever did anything with the car other than sell to the guy who was working with Russ Arao at Arao Engineering when Russ was trying to get his VW Hemi Head to work. At that time they put the "Whip It" moniker on the side of the car. When I saw the car at Bug-In 32 it still had the same tires and wheels when I drove it in 1979. This car was the wildest ride I ever owned. I think maybe the fact that it was lightened (swiss cheesed everywhere even the springplates!) so much really made for a poor handling car. My quickest run was 11.24 @ 114 mph. I had the opportunity to drive it at EBI-1 but declined as I am much older and wiser than when I was 19 years old. ;)
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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