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Hey guys,
I have been talking with the new guy that is organizing Bugin at bandimere this year and asked for an official stance on camping. As it stands now John Bandimere has approved that we can camp in the pits Saturday night! We will need to wait for the Saturday event to be over or close to over so we are not disrupting stuff. I guessed at 5 or so rigs will be camping so please let me know if you plan to and I will update him with numbers as we get closer. I am hoping we will be able to be at the top of the lanes as usual but will know more as things get closer. There will be junior running on Sunday again this year so racer layout may change.

Saturday before bugin is a busy day at Bandimere but there is a stick shift class that is a good fit for a ACVW if you want to get some runs in. If you want a spot at the top of the lanes Saturday you will need to be in line very early as they fill up quick.

See you guys this Summer!
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