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Hotrodvw said:
I know buses weigh more, maybe that was part of the issue. To me, they're still on the light weight side. Do the Neals state they're for street DOT use??
Not sure what they state, but I do know that Jersey Joe has the Neal brakes on his @ 2000lb. street car & loves them. Hopefully he will chime in on this topic. They are lighter weight than the CB brake kit which makes them a good choice if you're putting the car on a diet. His car is a '68 (not wide 5) & I don't know if they have a wide 5 pattern available for both front & rear or not. They're pricey, but work very well for street & strip use.
On my '66, we have the wide 5 bolt pattern & when the time came to find brakes, it was a real PITA a complete E'Brake & all 4 whl. kit. We ended up going with a set from Gear One. They're beautiful & very well made, but Kurt had to modify something to bolt them on. I can't remember specifics, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the E-Brake. Also, I'm not sure if it was an issue where they didn't have what was needed or if it was a case of retardation on behalf of the packer / customer service issue. I do remember boxes getting sent back & forth & a whole lot of bitching on Kurt's part. Then came the "fk it I'll do it myself". I'll check with Kurt & get back with details. If it was a case of retarded packing & the kit is indeed bolt on / everything you need, I'd say they're worth consideration for a top of the line option. If you have to modify, add parts, & deal with a bunch of BS - I'd suggest avoiding them as the cost is not worth the hassle. They are kinda expensive.
As far as 'on a budget' - CB is probably the best option if you don't mind the weight. Everything bolts on very nice & has enough stopping power for most applications.
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