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Found this in the SST thread on the samba....

Looking for a co-pilot or a ride

Rebuilt drum to drum big-nut and new 1776 in the Riviera, I'm ready for the snow trip! Problem, both of my co-pilots have dropped out, as of right now I'm flying solo.

I'm going to be snapping many photos and taking notes on the trip as I'm a magazine journalism grad student and I'm justifying the money spent getting the Bus ready for Shasta through throwing this experience into my final project.

I'm going to do anything I can to get to Shasta this year. I'd really like to take my own Bus but if I can't find a co-pilot I'm willing to swallow my pride and take a ride with another Bus Pilot, if someone decides to offer that is.

So, if you're a Bus guy looking for a chance to co-drive a splittie on the snow trip, PM me. If you're a Bus pilot looking for another team member, PM me.

I'm anxious to meet everybody and throw down, whether it be in my own Bus in the driver's seat or in someone else's Bus on the passenger side.

EDIT: I'm located in Eugene, Oregon.

Found it on page 149 of this thread....
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