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Dustin drag ghia (the beginnings)

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Well I finally decided after looking and looking for a car to just build the one I have. It's in awful shape but a good candidate for a race car. And free. While looking for a car I either found a super beetle that I don't want or a beetle/ghia in just a little better shape than mine. I hate to cut up a decent street car so I decided since we are about finished with my wife's street ghia I just build a full on race car.

It will see mainly 8th mile bracket racing. There are zero vw races close to me. Dallas is 6 hours so I'll only hit those vw races a couple times a summer. I'm going to build this car like a super street car. Naturally aspirated 2332 or bigger, layed back bulk head, raised narrowed torsion housing, fiberglass front end and lexan. Adjustable beam and disc brakes with chevy pattern.

What size slicks should I shoot for? 28" tall 8" wide?

I have to cut both rear quarters off so I'm thinking of making the entire rear removable. So fiber glass quarters would be awesome but I can't find any. I've seen them so I know they're out there. No big ass rear box though. I want it looking stock-ish with just two little scoops for each set of stacks.

It's rough but doable. May take a year or so but should be fun.

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Thanks fiat dude. Love your ghia.
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