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Eric Madson Awarded "World's Most Powerful Volkswagen Award" for 2007

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753 Horsepower and 639 Foot pounds of torque!!!

Just wanted to show you a photo of Scott Faivre of awarding Eric the trophy for winning the CB Performance "Dyno Session in the Desert" with his VW Paradise powered Ghia on October 4th, 2007!
With Kris Lauffer behind the wheel of Eric Madson's Pro Mod ghia from Grand Junction, Colorado, Madson's power plant pulled off 753 Horsepower and 639 Foot pounds of torque! The effort earned Madson the "World's Most Power Volkswagen Award" for 2007.

How the "Great 8" finished

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Congradulations Eric, you are the man. You are a great person and you got the baddest VW race car.
Not only did he win, but Eric won by alot. And thats really sayin' somethin considering his competition.

(Still kinda creeps me out that the "Devil's Hot Rod" dynoed 666 hp. Frrrrrrrrreaky.) ;)
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