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Eric Madson, Jerry Matsko and Jason Fuller are in Vegas for BOTI import race

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Well just hung up with Eric and Jerry Matsko and they are in Vegas this weekend to race for the first time in a BOTI import race.

Kris Lauffer and Baker are on their way to Vegas with Madson's Ghia as we speak and hopefully the Aircooled contingent can have a good showing.

Eric Calebrese,Jason Fuller, Larry and Scott Kelley are also there.

I am sure some others as well but thats all I know about.

Eric has his laptop and if he has a wireless signal has promised to update us as he goes.

If not I will talk to him on the phone and update you myself.

BOTI race in Sacramento in a few weeks so this should let us know what to look for?

Good luck guys!!
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Right on! Good luck to those guys! Keep us informed!
Good luck to all you ACVW racers.

Eric, get someone at half track with a video camera so we can see another 3rd gear wheelie.

Re: Eric Madson, Jerry Matsko and Jason Fuller are in Vegas for BOTI import rac

Vegas update Saturday July 12th 9:17am

Just hung up with Eric Madson and Roger Crawford

Poured buckets of ran last night he said. And it's overcast still this morning.

Eric broke an axle last night, first pass on brand new Mark Williams $1,600.00 axles and "SNAP"!

First run this morning he got sideways and almost hit the wall. Ran 10.04 and is qualified 7th out of 14 cars.
Eric Calebrese is sitting 3rd at 8.60
Jerry Mastsko/Jason Fuller are 5th at 9.40

10.29 bump

Roger Crawford ran 10.32 is qualified 4th
Scott Kelley is 10.12 and 3rd
Larry Kelley is qualified as well

Number 1 qualifier in the class is 9.6 so they have a way to go

Eric said that it is a good event and in the "drifting" they already have crashed 5 cars!

One more qualifying session tonight at 5pm

Well lets hope they do well!

Jerry and Jason are pitted across from the bikini contest and say the Vegas talent is up to the task LOL
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Nice! I wouldn't be too happy bout dem axles. ::) Good luck to our fellow drag racers. Be safe and bring home the gold!
Re: Eric Madson, Jerry Matsko and Jason Fuller are in Vegas for BOTI import rac

Eric Madson just broke a 2nd set of axles!!! $3,200.00 worth of axles are now garbage.

He is not happy!!
Brian Watts said:
Eric Madson just broke a 2nd set of axles!!! $3,200.00 worth of axles are now garbage.

He is not happy!!
Eeeek!! Dude, thats alot of scrill for a set of axles. Maybe this Mark Williams feller needs a talking-to. ;)

Sorry to hear about that, Eric. You sure do pour your heart and soul (and your wallet) into this VW racing, and I, for one, appreciate the hell outta it--- just wouldn't be the same without ya. If ever there is anything I might be able to do to help you out, let me know.... I'd consider it an honor.

And to the rest of you fellas who made the show.... ROCK ON, BROTHERS!! ;)
Re: Eric Madson, Jerry Matsko and Jason Fuller are in Vegas for BOTI import rac


Well Eric Madson switched back to Sway Away axles and raced first round last night against a 4wd Talon or something he wasn't sure what it was?
It was all over and he was as well but he missed a shift too and barely lost running a 11.0 et!

Eric is concerned because after chassis updates in the off season the ghia seams to have a increasing problem with going straight.
The car keep trying to "put me in the wall" is his statement.

He is starting to get worried about the cars set up!

Fontana will be a big test this weekend if they can go straight. God knows they have the horsepower if it will just go straight and hook up, thanks to VW Paradise and the Lauffer gang!

Calebrese won his first round and went to the semis but lost 8.50 to a 8.30

Jerry Matsko redlite first round unfortunately. Hang in there Jerry and Jason, it will come together!

Roger Crawford won his first round but thats all.

Not sure about the rest.

But Eric considered it a fun weekend, even with the axle expenses! And said that racers and promoters kept coming by saying how the VWs were putting on a great show for sure and how cool it was to have them their!

Remember their is another BOTI race in Sacramento August 2nd!!

Might want to try and attend to check it out!!
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Re: Eric Madson, Jerry Matsko and Jason Fuller are in Vegas for BOTI import rac

Found this too late but will remember it for BOR in Vegas!!

Could have followed along LIVE

Hi Guys we just got back into town.
Well i can tell you what an experience!!!
I wan't to thank the Kelly's and Frank at BOTI for making this happen.
And Eric Madson and his Family for their hospitality great people and a very nice pit spot to share.
Erik C. Way to represent good race all the way to the end and thank you for the place to crash and Scott for your expertise.
Our story goes like this, this last monday Jason Asked if i'd be down to go to Vegas for the BOTI event.(what the hell do you think i would have said.) of coarse I'm Down.
the first thing we had to do was rebuild our Motor, fab up our new injection system, port our manifolds,make the new fuel rails, wire the 4 more injectors, fix the front end mount.
No problem we could do this after work a few nites this last week.
O.K everything is going as planned we finally got the Motor all done with all the new sh!!! and we get it all fired up thursday nite, keep in mind we were going to leave for Vegas at 5 A.M friday so the engine runs good now time to get it off the jack stands so on go the tires only to find out that they now hit the NEW fuel rails (damn it!) about 9 PM we called a friend Richard Allison to see if his smaller slicks would fit we found his to be about a 1/2 inch smaller offset so we asked if we could barrow them he said yes come get them.
So got them went to 7/11 got some Monsters and went over to Jasons shop then we fabbed a new mount for the front end, mounted the new slicks with a spacer for added clearence, then a new found problem we had to tackle bet you can't guess?

remember the new paint job?

Well with the new injectors now totaling 8 160#ers they wouldn't fit under our back tin without modifiing nor would they fit with the fenders on So out came the cut off wheels, grinders, and other metal working tools. we finally got out of the shop at 2 AM on friday morning I dropped Jason off at his house to crash and went home myself.
I picked Jason up at 6 and we loaded up the rest of the stuff Packing light still requires a whole truck load of stuff.
so we're off at 6:30 only 450 miles to go.
We arrived in Vegas at 2 pm went to the track, unloaded, filled out tech card reallizing we had a 02 sensor shipped out to somebody that was supposed to meet us at the track. We had to go and get it before we could run because it controls an important feature in our car. We get the car teched no problem if we have to miss the first round of qualifiing we said. so we left the track about an hour we came back thinking we missed first round only to find out we didn't, back to work on the car with only moments to spare.
O.K start the car no problem get suited up and drug to the line.
now it's time to see what we've got. I do a nasty john force style burnout well down the track, start backing up and i look in front to see a big puddle of liquid and Jason telling me to kill it (DONE).
take it back to the pits to find an O-Ring in the injector blew out.
Kool we fixed that, then we were back for second round at about 9:30 at night another killer burnout not quite as far this time. backed up and got the All is good thumbs up from Jason.
O.K time to find out what we got from all the hard work, I left great no hesitation 1.32 sixty putting me back in the seat, second gear pulling hard with the wheels in the air, third gear still pulling good but not quite so hard (6.20? 1/8 at 109 mph) fourth kept in it still dropped off a little 9.89 et at 139 mph knowing we had a problem. I get out and make sure no oil leaks and none.
so with that run I was able to qualify in the #6 spot out of an 8 car feild with 14 trying to get in.
Madson was in with a wild ride 10.10 et and Erik C. was in solid in the #3 spot with a 8.6xx the bump spot now at 10.24 e.t. one round left the next day.
Saturday rolls in way to early after rain and staying up until about 2 A.M watching the Talent (and future poll dancers), the Drifting was off the hook never have seen that in person. then the Rain came and washed everyone away.
we went to fire the car up after adjusting the valves and finding really nothing wrong, and it sounds like an air compressor, Great we broke a cylinder we thought i find one but decide we should pull the head off and see if i need more then one.
As Jason was removing the nuts on the head he found one that was real loose like finger tight. I torqued the heads i know they were all down and good.looked everything over and found no broken cylinder but a pulled head stud and a cracked engine case.
disapointed we were in the feild with one more round we decided to sit out the last qualifiing hoping to stay in the feild, we got the head back on and i was able to get about 20 lbs of torque on the heads.
So we changed the boost level down to 9 psi (that's as low as we could go) and Madson was able to better his position with a 9.36 et (kool we are still in it).
I have to run the #2 car Madson runs the #4 car and Erik C. runs the #5 car which was a no show. Knowing i didn't stand a chance I tried to force my oppenent off his game and i made a crucial mistake and the car jumped through the second bulb and gave me the Big RED LITE. Madsons car i believe had a shifting issue and he went out. Erik had a by run into the next round.
Erik had to run against the # 2 guy what a great race Erik was out on him almost the whole way but the big mph of his guy was able to drive around him with an 8.3xx to Eriks 8.5xx.
Awsome weekend would do it all over again, time to get some rest and we have to put together another motor for Fontana this next weekend.
Any sponsors like to step up please contact me or Jason.
Jerry Matsko
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Re: Eric Madson, Jerry Matsko and Jason Fuller are in Vegas for BOTI import rac


You blew it, great story like that so well written might just get you a regular column on the website when its up! LOL

Thanks for taking the time to share the experience with us all.

I know I read every word and enjoyed it all!!

You guys still doing the BOTI at Sac?
Thats the plan if all goes well we have about 5 races left.
Re: Eric Madson, Jerry Matsko and Jason Fuller are in Vegas for BOTI import rac

Brian Watts said:
Vegas update Saturday July 12th 9:17am

Jerry Mastsko/Jason Fuller are 5th at 9.40
that is good.
Re: Eric Madson, Jerry Matsko and Jason Fuller are in Vegas for BOTI import rac

Hey Big call me
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