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Hi All,
I would like to change the exhaust on my bus.
Actually it runs a A1 lowdown 1-3/4 with a 2.5 muffler.
The engine is a 2332 with prepared 044 cylinder heads 42x37.5, a webcam 86b, 1.54 rockers and dual 48 IDA.
Really cool to go buy bread around the home but a little harder for a long travel.
I would like to calm the engine by changing rockers to 1.4 or 1.45 and change the exhaust with a sidewinder.
I have think to a 1-5/8 with 2.5 muffler (pea shooter style)
Do you think it could be a good choice ?

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I quote -----

Web Cam Type 1 Camshaft, Grind 86B, 1.4 or 1.5 Rockers, 00-102 is designed for 1.4 and 1.5 rockers, and it's specs are .575" Valve Lift with 1.5 Rockers, 300 degrees of advertised duration, and 260 degrees of duration at .050" checking clearance.
This is Web Cam's most popular "ratio rocker" specific grind, it drives like an Engle 120 but keep pulling! Valvetrain is not "Harsh", but not easy either. This cam requires 9-9.5:1 compression, and the more headwork and carburetion the better it will run. Nice 800RPM idle with dual 2bbls.
This cam works best lots of headwork, 40x35mm or larger. Expect a powerband from 3000 to 7000 RPMs, the more headwork and carburetion the better the top end will be.

un quote-----

I would be willing to bet it pulls good!!! You built a sedan motor not really a bus motor...! Try the 1.4 rockers 1st and see what they do, don't forget to check the push rod length. Also you did not mention the compression ratio, hopefully it's in the mid to low 9 range, remember the sedan comment above. I have no personal experience with the W86B. Check with a reputable builder and see IF you could go to 1.3 rockers.

What are you running for tires? What are the RPM at freeway speed?

Good luck!
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