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If a list was made of the fastest cars in the world who would be on it?

I know we all know the cars in our region but in the world who is actually the fastest?

Any cars from Australia,U.K.,Japan, Europe? be nice to actually make a list and keep it updated huh?

#1- V.W.Paradise
#2- Quarterflash dragster I think?
#3- ?
#4- Ken Fisher
#5 - Eric Madson
#6- Eric Calebrese
#7- ?
#8- ?
#9- ?
#10- ?

Anyone help me out with making a list

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Dean N said:
what would be cool is get a data base of et and mph of all vw's and see where what the curve looks like...
That is exactly what my goal is here, just have to find a source for the information. But I want this believe me!

Dean N said:
i bet it would be way skewed to one side.
I will do my very best to make it fair and include everyone that "should be on it"

Just need everyones input on how it should be done?

Quickest air cooled flat four powered cars/dragsters world wide period?

Or separate dragsters from bodied cars?

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I am going to keep a list of the top 20 fastest aircooled flat four VW powered vehicles each year in two categories, tell me what you think.

#1 -Open wheel cars- Dragsters, altereds, funny cars etc

#2 -Body cars - Must have a steel body with doors (you think?)

And the quickest and fastest runs of that calender year are on the list, no back up required.

Give me your input on this

Here are some of the fastest times ever! 6,7, and 8 sec runs

#1 - A/D Kris Lauffer - 6.60 ET - 203.98 MPH ( only vw over 200 MPH in the 1/4 mile?) in 2003
#2 - Keoke DeSa - 6 sec - 192.66MPH
#3 - B/FC Ken Fisher - 7.27 ET - 180.60 MPH in 2001
#4 - A/FC Paul Hughes & Brian Burrows - 7.70 ET in 1993
#5 - A/S Eric Calebrese - 8.34 ET - in 2008
#6 - B/D Lloyd Mosher - 8.71 ET 151.91 MPH in 1989
#7 - Daniel Folts - 7.89 2008
#8 -

As for the rest I know Eric you have ran 8 sec just not sure of the lowest ET you have?
Frank Estrada in the 8.85 as well
Rod Penrose 8.96 at 155.87mph
Doug Harvey

When you get to the 9's there is a larger group to wade through:
Jerry Matsko
Alan Fore
John Strnad
Michelle Costa
Hector Urias
Really to many to count over time that have ran in the 9s

Will have you the racer submit verified time slips to me from all over the world with verification so this can be a worldwide list each year.

Tell me your thoughts?

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16sec65 said:
Do they have to be current drivers? If not, add Chris Bubetz's 8.9xx and Dom Luppino's 9.0xx
No it will be for each calender year!

2008 = Quickest 20 car/drivers for door cars.

Then also top 20 for dragsters/altereds (open wheel cars)

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Newk said:
haha......laughing at the sign line in ftg's post.... That movie is TOO funny........
LMAO your too funny!!

Welcome to the newest member!!

welcome to what right now is a very small and exclusive club we have here of invited guests :)

Keep coming back and posting and enjoy what were building!!

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Whats up Brian, so far our best et and mph are 6.80 @ 194.91 at Vegas in 02. Been running alot of 6.80s when we ran our car last year at the PSCA events here in Vegas, havent pushed it to run any faster because of the cost factor and been testing a few new combination changes for reliability. Thanks, Charles.
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