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I've got a fundraiser online for helping paint my 1965 Beetle. Please check it out. Vintage VW paint job (Vote for Color!), organized by Aidan Koenig I am a student at university and started this bug as a side project, it soon consumed most of my funds and attention, as I know many of you have experienced. I lost my garage space and am unable to do the body work myself. I have learned many things from this car and I would like to give it a proper paint job and get it back on the road. It was sitting around since 1992 :(
Every $3 donated has the option to vote for the color I paint the Beetle, (it was originally a Ruby Red color).
I've got a photo gallery of the progress you can view here: 1965VWproject?
Anything you can donate is appreciated! I know this is a hard time.
Cheers and Happy Holidays!
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