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German one piece axle boots

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Where can I find the real good German one piece axle boots?

Tired of cheap garbage with a ton of screws
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I would contact one of the tranny shops. I'm not sure where they get them but I know they can. Lee Bushaw runs them.
Yea I hear they are best to use!!

But a hassle to install ;D
As long as you don't mind pressing off the end pieces. I think there was an article in one of the latest mags about it too.
Lanky said:
As long as you don't mind pressing off the end pieces. I think there was an article in one of the latest mags about it too.
Article showed how to put them on without pressing end casting off!

Was a tough job but can be done
Yeah, I saw that article and I personally wouldn't want to chance that. I want to get them but I think I will wait til I get my trans built and have them do it for me.
If your suppose to press the castings off and them press them back on to install these boots I only have one thing to say.

They must be hella good quality that last for a looooong time!!

Otherwise what would you do if they went bad while in the car?
German split boots seal great if you line the seam with Curil T. If you look in the Bently manual, it actually shows a non-hardening sealant being applied to the split boots. It works GREAT! Put the seams at 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock, no gear oil leakage at all this way.

I've accidentally torn a boot installing the trans. I'm sure we all have. I'd be livid if it happened to a seamless boot.
I dont get the one piece boot deal myself. Ive ran a ton of cheap boots and they ONLY leak when the car is jackd up. Other than that, its always dry under there. Maybe OVER tightening is the problem as it will flare the edges out? ??? I dunno for sure if that is the cure all but I always install em a little off of vertical leaning towards the front of the car. And I let em "settle" on the car meaning leave the hose clamp on the tube a little loose and put is say the middle of fully stretchd or compressed and THEN tighten it on the tube. If you put em on in the stand off the car you will be stretching them out a ways as the axel is dropped down to full positive so to speak.

I think I just confused myself..... haha ;D
I just installed one-piece boots with my last Rancho tranny. It was fairly easy, just turn the boots inside out, put them in the hot sun to warm up and then slip them over the flange and then proceed with installing the axles, etc.

Of course, this only works with the axles/tubes removed...otherwise you have to press out the roll pin and remove the end-casting on the wheel end...

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Whats the best quality axle boots?

I boot brand new boots (unknown brand) on my 67 project and they had sat inside (never outside) the garage for last two years and they now are cracked and leaking already ****!! :mad:

I hate how quality is never a goal anymore
I don't recall having much trouble with any of the split axle boots. I have installed numerous sets of axle boots on cars over the years. I started out my career at an independent shop. I was taught to install the seam at 10 or 2 o'clock. This keeps pressure off the seam and keeps it from opening or flexing to much as compared to 9/12/3 o'clock. I have never needed to use a sealer on the seam either but that does not sound like a bad idea.

A Diamond may be forever but we are talking VW's.

And Brian.....Maybe they are cracked from not being in action?????? They are mad at you.....
BOB said:
And Brian.....Maybe they are cracked from not being in action?????? They are mad at you.....
I had thought of it, just like a woman, don't take them out enough they get mad LOL

Well they will be out now!!

I am getting ready to drive it, little motor yes but work out the bugs before the BIG DADDY goes in
I just got a set of one piece boots from the good people at CB on Monday and some crome axle tubes!!!
I have installed a ton of axle boots and for split boots I like the FEBI ones..

But get this: for the non split EMPI Wins! I have tried German, OEvw and Empi solid boots and the empi's have held up the best. The rubber'y material is some tuff stuff.. and they fit well.


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